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description on Redbubble for better sales

Use This Product Description on Redbubble To Increase Your Sales and Exposure

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2021)

If you want to make money on Redbubble, you need to get traffic to your listings and shop. 

In other words, the more people will see your designs, the more sales you get. 

It sounds simple, but believe me, it works.

However, getting traffic to your designs or shop is not exactly the easiest thing. While you can rely on Redbubble to promote your artwork, you should create a long-term strategy to get more visitors that will appreciate your designs.

You can create a strong social presence and use it to get visitors, but for me, the best way to get more traffic to my shop or design listing is by using Google.

How to Get Traffic From Google to Redbubble Listing

Getting traffic from Google to Redbubble is not hard as it sounds, but it needs patience.

It takes weeks or months to see results, but with the strong domain authority of the Redbubble website, your listing can be found on the first page of Google.

To get your design noticed by Google, you need to follow some rules. 

You need to find a keyword with low competition, use the keyword in the title, add some relevant tags and write a strong, keyword-rich description.

In this article, I will show you how to write a product description that can help you increase exposure and sales.

But before I get right into the article, if you are new at NechEmpire, then subscribe to my YouTube channel, because on this channel I like to talk all about realistic ways to make money with print on demand and really showing you my journey along the way to creating a side hustle.

Before I show you an example of my description that I’m using to rank my listings on Google, let’s check other people’s work. 

Here is the first page on Redbubble for the keyword Evening Sun. Let’s open the first five designs to see their descriptions.

Example of bad descriptions

Some of the designs are without a description, which is a huge mistake because this person is losing a lot of money.

When you are on the first page of Redubble for some competitive keyword, it means you have already made sales.

And because Redbubble is a clever platform, it promotes only the designs that are selling. While this design certainly gets tons of sales, getting more exposure from Google can make you much more money. 

There can also be found designs that are using only the title in the description, which is not enough to rank. Google needs at least 130 characters to index descriptions properly.

There is also a design using a public domain image of Claude Monet painting and has a pretty detailed description. But it is a tags spammer as you see. This is not the best example, and you should avoid such tags spamming. This can get your Redbubble account banned in the future.

On the first page of Redbubble for a keyword Evening Sun, and even though these are great designs, the artists behind these designs do not take advantage of Google ranking and they are leaving money on the table. 

Don’t be like these people. Be clever, get traffic from Google, it is free and it only takes a few seconds to write a good SEO-optimized description. 

If you have not filled out your description, you are not doing yourself any favors if you are trying to get more views on your artwork. 

Use This Description to Get More Sales on Redbubble

At the beginning of this video, I have promised to show you the description I’m currently using for all my designs. Feel free, copy it and use it to get more exposure and rank better with your design. 

It took me lots of time, but after I have done some research, this is what I’m using.

Product Title. (Adjective) design perfect for (Adjective noun) who loves (Niche). Grab this design as an (Adjective Seasonal/Holiday) for your (friend, relative) who also loves (Product Title). The design is also great for an (Event).

I’m going to give you guys an example. Let’s make a description for the keyword… Rainbow butterfly.

Colorful rainbow butterfly. Wonderful design perfect for people who love butterflies and nature. Grab this design as a birthday gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, or brother who loves butterflies in rainbow color. The design is also great for Christmas. 

In my experience, such a powerful description is targeting lots of different keywords and can help you rank and get more views from Google search. 

This is a very quick and easy method that helps me improve both traffic and sales. And I hope it will help you too. I place this format down in the description, so you can copy it and use it on your product listings.  

Please let me know in the comments if this method worked for you and also comment down if you have any other tips that are effective to make descriptions better. 

Here Are Some of My Favorite Tools For Print-on-demand

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful as you build your own print-on-demand business. Here are some tools I use as a designer that I hope you will also find helpful.

Designs: For getting started, I really like Creative Fabrica. They have millions of cheap graphics that can elevate your t-shirt design. If you are not the most skillful designer, then try Placeit or Vexels. These are platforms, where you can find thousands of pre-made t-shirt designs you can easily edit and publish on any print-on-demand platform. I recommend Placeit for beginners and after you get some sales move to Vexels.

Free Designs: I love Canva. I’m using this platform almost every day. With Canva, you can create stunning t-shirt designs, they already have an entire section, where you can make your artwork from scratch or use some pre-made templates and edit them. Canva comes with two main pricing plans: FREE and PRO. And if you are a beginner, then I recommend the free plan, it should be enough for you.

Disclosure: Some of the links above may contain affiliate partnerships, meaning, at no additional cost to you, NechEmpire may earn a commission if you click through to make a purchase.


  • Josie

    August 18, 2021 at 02:02

    Could you list more examples of product descriptions for redbubble or any print on demand site to get more sales?
    That would be helpful.
    Thank you

  • Jim

    October 21, 2021 at 22:46

    This is really helpful. Thank you. I recently started an experiment of my own with redbubble. I have been editing most of my designs by using better titles, tags and descriptions. I also now prepare all my text in my office program. I use correct formatting just like I would for a web site. I notice now and then Redbubble has a problem with their code not rendering consistently, and this makes me suspicious of other parts such as titles,tags and descriptions. Anyway time will tell.


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