YouTube Channels

NechEmpire is a comprehensive website that focuses on the print-on-demand business, selling on Etsy and explores various ways to monetize your digital art online, including AI art.

I provide practical methods that are proven to work, without any unnecessary guru nonsense.

To share my knowledge with a wider audience, I publish a few videos each month on my three YouTube channels – NechEmpire, Zilahut, and GraphixGrove. Each channel focuses on different aspects of graphic design and selling designs online.

Youtube Channels

The NechEmpire channel focuses on a print-on-demand business model, design creation, and ways to implement the latest technology into graphic designs.

GraphixGrove focuses more on Photoshop and Canva tutorials, mainly created for beginners to make them both comprehensive and easy to understand.

Zilahut is a channel designed for individuals interested in learning about the latest AI technology for designers. This includes AI image generators, editors, and much more. Check out the latest videos.