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How to Connect Google Analytics to Redbubble Shop

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2021)

Redbubble is an awesome Print on Demand platform that enables users to monetize their designs by selling it on different products. 

I have already created over 200 designs and aim to upload hundreds of designs on the platform this year.

As the owner of many websites, I also know how important it is to analyze the traffic and most visited pages.

In this article, I will show you how to set up Google Analytics for your Redbubble shop. 

Connect Google Analytics to Redbubble Shop

With Google Analytics you can get a better insight into how your customers are interacting with the products you have already designed. 

You can get pretty valuable data such as number of visitors, page views, the most popular products and more. 

Starting in 2021, Google has updated the platform, so there is a new process to generate the UA tracking code.

So, let’s go to your Google Analytics account to create a tracking code you can add to your Redbubble shop. 

The web address is

You have to log in with your Gmail account to get access to Google Analytics. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you need to create one.   

Now, when you are in the dashboard, go down to the admin tab.

Here is where you can easily create your new account and property to generate the tracking code. 

To create the new UA tracking code, click on the blue Create Account button

Now, you will see a new account setup window, where you need to enter your account details. 

So, add an account name and then scroll down and click on next.

Now, it is time to create a property for your new account. Fill in the Property name, select your country, your time zone, and select the currency. 

In the next step, it is important to click on the Show advanced options link. 

This action will get you the option to create a UA property, which is your UA tracking code. 

Enable this by clicking the switch on the right hand side.  

After you enable this option, a few more options will appear. Under the website URL, enter the 

You can then create both a Google Analytics 4 code and a Universal Analytics property code. Since you only need a UA tracking code for the Redbubble shop, you need to select the second one. 

UA analytics code Redbubble
It is important to click the Show advanced options link. This action will get your the option to obtain the UA tracking code.

Click on Next and then fill out your business information. Once you’re finished, go ahead and click on create. 

Accept all the terms of service in the pop-up window you see. 

Congratulations, you’ve just created your Google Analytics UA tracking code.   

Google analytics Redbubble
Here is your tracking ID. Copy and paste it to your Redbubble dashboard.

How to add UA tracking code to Redbubble shop

Copy the tracking code and go to your Redbubble account. 

Under the Account Details, find the Google Analytics option, it is on the left side. 

Now paste the tracking code into the field for the Web Property ID and then click the Save Changes button. 

Google analytics Redbubble
When you have the UA tracking ID from Google Analytics, it is quite easy to put it into your Redbubble shop. Click to zoom.

That’s it. The Google Analytics Settings has been saved and after about 48 hours, your tracking code will start generating data about the Redbubble shop. 

When you want to look at them, you just go to the Google Analytics dashboard and click on all the website data.

Here, you can easily monitor all actions that people are taking when visiting your shop on Redbubble. 

Tools I Use For Redbubble

I have used a number of free graphic design tools for beginners and paid graphic design tools since I started my graphic design journey and I’ve found a handful of tools that have been incredibly helpful for my success.

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