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QUICK TIP: How to Get More Sales on Redbubble (Don’t Lose Money With This Mistake)

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2021)

Creating a design that is appealing to you and that you want to wear is an important part of gaining success on Redbubble

Yes, it is important to sell designs that you would buy as a customer.

But have you wondered what sells best on Redbubble

I mean, which products are selling best on this popular print-on-demand platform. 

The answer is quite simple, the most selling products on Redbubble are stickers and t-shirts. 

So, when designing your artwork, have this in your mind. Create a design that looks great on t-shirts and stickers too. 

And because it is a good practice to set a default color for t-shirts to a dark color, you will probably upload a white design.

But there is a problem, when you upload the white artwork, and you go to stickers, it doesn’t show very well. 

And the worst is, there is no way to change the background on the sticker to a dark color.  

At the beginning of my Redbubble journey, I made the mistake of leaving the sticker as it is.

And believe me, it doesn’t look good, a white artwork on a white or transparent background. 

Don’t make this mistake too, because you are leaving a lot of money on the table. 

Luckily there is a little trick you should use. 

QUICK TIP: How to Get More Sales on Redbubble

When uploading your design, go to the stickers and click on the edit button. You will get an option to replace your image. 

Get more sales on Redbubble with this quick tip

This is a part when you upload an inverted image of your design. A black or dark-colored version of your original artwork.

Replace the white design with a dark version of your artwork

And that is why I am always creating two versions of my design in dark and bright colors. 

So, when uploading your design on Redbubble, don’t forget to check it. The design looks good on both t-shirts and stickers. 

And one more thing.

Redbubble algorithm is actively promoting the selling designs. It means, when your designs get sold, Redbubble will show them to a bigger audience, to more buyers.

This is pretty cool practice, and I saw lots of my old designs to get more exposure after they get sales. 

And don’t worry, Redbubble is not considering two color variants of one design as two different listings. Although from the technical point of view, these are two different designs, everything you upload in one listing is to be considered as one single listing.

So, take advantage of this and make sure that when you upload something, it looks good on stickers. This could get you lots of additional sales on Redbubble.   

Tools for Redbubble

I have used a number of free graphic design tools for beginners and paid graphic design tools since I started my graphic design journey and I’ve found a handful of tools that have been incredibly helpful for my success.

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