Can You Have More Than One Account on Redbubble?

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2023)

Can I have more than one account on Redbubble?

I know, lot of people are asking this question.

I have had the same question, so I went to the source. I mean to Redbubble.

And in this article, you will read what they said to me.

I messaged Redbubble and they got right back to me with a pretty clear email.

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The reason why I have to message them is that there is no clear information to be found on their blog and FAQs section, where it says you can only have one account.

Because I have a none niche shop on Redbubble, I had an idea to create a second account with designs from a single specific niche.

And because I didn’t find any information about this topic, I messaged the Redbubble support team.

And I highly recommend for you email the Redbubble support team first.

Wait for the reaction, and if they give you permission, then create the second account.

Don’t forget to archive the email from the Redbubble team, it can be useful in the future.

Because if something goes wrong, you can use this email as proof.

This is exactly the answer what I found on Reddit:

I see a lot of posts around here complaining about getting banned when they try to make more than one redbubble account. The trick is to talk to them first. My earnings from redbubble pay for my medication, so I was really nervous about creating another account to sell my own artwork. I got the go ahead from support AND STILL MANAGED TO GET BANNED.

Having the paper (in this case digital trail) helped me get both back. Just a heads up for those thinking about getting multiple accounts. Get everything in writing.

You can read the full discussion here.

With this experience in my mind, I message the Redbubble support team with a simple question… Is it possible having 2 different accounts on Redbubble?

Can I Have More Than One Account on Redbubble? – The Official Email

Here is a screenshot of the email that I received.

can you have multiple redbubble accounts

Below is a transcript of the email:

Hi Miroslav!

Thank you for stopping by. I’m happy to hear that you are contemplating opening another Redbubble account.

As an artist, you are able to have multiple accounts. Each account has to be listed under a different username and email address, however, you may use the same PayPal/bank account information to collect earnings from products you sold. You cannot combine earnings across multiple accounts.

Additionally, please make sure that you do not upload the same artwork to multiple accounts, and that your artwork adheres to our Community and Content Guidelines, Redbubble IP/Publicity Rights Policy, and all published policies. A combined upload limit of 60 artworks per day applies across all of your accounts.

There are also other great ways to structure or categorize your existing shop, for example via Collections and creative tagging.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

Luis from Redbubble


So, for me, this is a straightforward answer.

As an artist, I can have more than one account, but each of my accounts has to be under a different username and has to be created with a different email address.

It is also important to use original designs, so you cannot upload any existing artwork that is live on your other Redbubble shop.

A nice thing is that you can have the same Paypal or Bank number to collect your payments, but those payments are separated from each other.

In other words, you cannot combine earnings across these accounts.

I hope this article was helpful, and if you have any questions, use the comment section below.

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