How the New Amazon KDP Upload Limit Impacts Self-Published Authors Like You

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Amazon KDP is a relatively easy way to make money these days. At least when we talk about low and no content books.

You know, items like notebooks, trackers, journals, and so on.

Books like these can be created in just a few minutes and are ready to be uploaded to Amazon for sale.

Now, even Amazon has realized the issue and imposed a daily upload limit of just 3 books on Kindle Direct Publishing.

At first, this change may feel worrying. But it doesn’t have to restrict your publishing goals if you adapt wisely.

In this guide, I’ll break down exactly what the KDP upload limit means for you as an indie author.

You’ll learn why Amazon added the policy, who it impacts, and most importantly – how you can navigate the rules to keep publishing quality work.

Why Did Amazon Add a KDP Daily Upload Limit?

KDP upload limit

Previously, there were no restrictions on how many book titles you could publish per day on Kindle Direct Publishing.

You could upload unlimited books 24/7 if you wished.

But in early 2023, Amazon quietly added a policy restricting KDP users to just 3 new book uploads per calendar day.

This sudden limit aims to crack down on a flood of AI-generated books being published on the platform.

With the rise of AI writing tools like ChatGPT, some authors are creating and uploading machine-made books in mass volumes.

By adding friction, Amazon hopes to deter this AI content spamming while still allowing regular authors to publish at a reasonable pace.

How It Affects Prolific Self-Publishing Authors

The daily limit of publishing three books might not have a significant impact if you only publish occasionally.

However, for KDP sellers who are used to releasing 10 or even more than 20 titles in a day, this limitation could seriously disrupt their publishing strategy.

In fact, those gaming KDPs by churning out hundreds of AI-generated books each day now face major roadblocks.

Uploading dozens of machine-made books daily is no longer feasible.

Of course, some spammers may still find loopholes like staggering uploads across multiple accounts. But it becomes much harder to unleash endless AI-generated content.

For genuine authors like you who pour love into every book, 3 uploads per day seems reasonable. Most likely, you don’t publish more than a handful of books per day right now anyway.

Still, it’s wise to understand the policy fully in case you ever need to drop multiple titles in one day.

Can You Still Publish Quality Books on KDP?

Here’s the key point – if you publish amazing books people love, you have nothing to worry about.

The goal of the limit is blocking low-quality, AI-spammed content, not restricting human authors from sharing great work.

You can absolutely continue using KDP to publish your novels, memoirs, how-to guides, and more without issue. The policy targets machine-made junk, not the insightful stories and books real authors create.

If you keep writing original content that adds value, your publishing goals can continue unhindered.

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How to Adapt Your Self-Publishing Strategy

While this policy takes some flexibility, a few tips will ensure the KDP limit doesn’t restrict your publishing aspirations:

  • Chunk out uploads over multiple days – If you have more than 3 books ready to publish close together, simply spread out the uploads over several days.
  • Leverage other platforms too – Don’t rely solely on KDP. Publish simultaneously on Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and other eBook stores.
  • Focus on quality over quantity – Pour your energy into fewer amazing books rather than dozens of mediocre ones.
  • Collaborate with co-authors – Team up with other authors and strategically stagger your collective uploads across multiple accounts.
  • Plan launches further ahead – Schedule your publishing calendar more carefully when you have multiple books releasing close together.

Key Questions About the New KDP Limit

If you’re still unsure how the rules affect your publishing, here are answers to some common questions:

What is the exact upload limit per day?

You can publish a maximum of 3 new book titles per calendar day. The limit resets at 12AM Pacific Time.

Does this apply to paperbacks too or just ebooks?

The policy covers both paperback and ebook title uploads.

Can I still publish unlimited books on other platforms daily?

Yes, you can publish as many books per day as you wish to Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and other eBook stores.

Can I create multiple KDP accounts to upload more?

Doing so violates Amazon’s rules. You risk getting banned for manipulating the system this way.

What if I finish 4 books in one day and need to publish them together?

You’ll have to delay one book to the following day. Or cautiously publish across multiple accounts at your own risk.

Does this completely block publishing AI books?

It largely curbs publishing AI books at scale but doesn’t block them entirely. Determined spammers may still find creative loopholes.

Is there any way to request an exception to the limit?

There are no known exceptions. The 3-book daily limit applies universally to all KDP-published titles.

Keep Providing Value to Your Readers

As you can see, while not ideal, the KDP upload limit does not have to deter you from publishing amazing books your fans love.

Focus on quality over quantity. Leverage other platforms. And plan your launches carefully.

By staying focused on serving your readers, you can navigate this policy while achieving your publishing dreams.

It’s merely another hurdle in the ever-changing world of self-publishing. But by staying agile and adaptable, no policy can stop your success.

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Personal picutre
Miroslav NovohradskyFounder of NechEmpire

I'm Miroslav, a passionate graphic designer, Etsy seller and AI enthusiast. At NechEmpire, I'm here to share my knowledge and skills. I want to turn your design passion into a successful online business.

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