Best Size Dimensions for Most Redbubble Products

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Do you want to make a design that looks great on t-shirts, and posters, but also on stickers or phone cases?

Redbubble provides us with different dimensions for their products and for beginners, it can be difficult to know exactly what dimension sizes you should use for your Redbubble products.

Do you need to make designs in different dimensions or is there one single size and dimension that can be used on every product?

This is a question people are asking a lot, and in this article, I will try to give you an answer.

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Put Your Design on Most Redbubble Products

Sizing and dimension are really important because you want to put your design on every available product Redbubble is offering and when it makes sense.

This is because you never know what a buyer wants. People are weird and they are able to spend their money on different things.

Thankfully, on Redbubble, there is no need to resize your design for each product.

But still, the file dimension depends on what your design is going to be used for. Different products have different dimensions here at Redbubble.

But if you want to be sure your design fits everything, then you need to make a design for the biggest product on the market.

And the biggest product on Redbubble at this time is the duvet cover.

As you can see, the king-sized duvet cover, which is the biggest product, measures 264 x 224 centimeters, and if you’d like to use a single image file for this product, then Redbubble is recommended starting with 7632 x 6480 pixels.

This site will not only fit the king-sized duvet cover, but when you downsize it, it will allow you to put your design on any other product available on Redbubble.

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What is the Best Size Dimension For Most Products?

However, the size dimension Redbubble is recommending is not what I am using.

This is based on my experience and it is based on my personal beliefs.

And that is why I am using 3 different dimensions to make sure my designs look great on every single product on Redbubble.

Let’s start with patterns. When I’m designing patterns I’m usually going for 5000 × 5000 pixels. This is because I know that patterns will not look good on classic t-shirts, greeting cards, or posters.

There is no need to put patterns on every product.

With this size, I can still use the Redbubble pattern feature and optimize the pattern for all products I want.

These were patterns, but what about standard illustrations or text designs?

In this case, I’m using two different dimensions.

The first will look good on posters, t-shirts, phone cases, or greeting cards, and the second will look good on stickers, scarves, blankets, or acrylic blocks.

According to me, on t-shirts, posters, or phone cases, the design will look best when you use the 6000 x 8000 pixels dimension size. This is because with such size your design can easily fill a larger area without looking weird.

You can also use 4500 by 5400 pixels which is a recommended size for Merch by Amazon, and it also works well.

But I’m still using 6000 by 8000 pixels, a size that I learned at the beginning of my print-on-demand journey and I have absolutely no problem with it.

However, designs with this size dimension will not look good on best-selling items on Redbubble. On stickers.

So, for products that require a design in a square shape, I like to use 8000 by 8000 pixels and 300 DPI resolution.

While it is a huge size, it can be easily downsized to fit in small products like stickers, acrylic blocks, or hats.

To make things easier, I’m uploading my design to Redbubble in 6000 by 8000 pixels and enabling it on all products, and then I use the 8000 by 8000 pixels for products where my design is looking a little bit odd.

I hope this article has answered this frequently asked question about Redbubble optimal dimension size.

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Here Are Some of My Favorite Tools For Print-on-demand

As a graphic designer and POD seller, I’ve had the opportunity to discover different helpful products and tools that can be time-saving and make the process of creating your designs a bit smoother.

DESIGNS: Kittl (best for t-shirt designs), Vexels (for professional designs), Placeit (for unique product mockups)

AI IMAGE GENERATOR: Leonardo (best free account)

GRAPHICS: Creative Fabrica (cheapest marketplace), Envato Elements (more variety)

SELLING DESIGNS: Freepik (for beginners), Creative Fabrica (for advanced graphic designers)

SELLING LOW-CONTENT BOOKS Book Bolt (budget option)


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Personal picutre
Miroslav NovohradskyFounder of NechEmpire

I'm Miroslav, a passionate graphic designer, Etsy seller and AI enthusiast. At NechEmpire, I'm here to share my knowledge and skills. I want to turn your design passion into a successful online business.

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