Funny Owl Puns, Sayings, and Quotes That Work Well on T-Shirts

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2022)

Many people don’t know that puns work well on t-shirts or any other product. But they do! Even the most creative of t-shirts can use a pun to catch people’s attention.

Punning is a form of word play with a purpose. Punning is not just for the fun of it, but to make your audience laugh or be amused by your wit.

Did you know “humor is derived from a humorous event or circumstance that incites laughter” according to the dictionary? It’s true, and there are plenty of funny puns out there.

Even about owls.

Owls are symbolic of wisdom and intelligence. They are associated with the night sky and are often found in hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt.

In fact, owls were considered to be divine creatures in Ancient Greece.

All over the world, people are captivated by these birds. They’ve made their way into the hearts of people all over the world who appreciate them for their beauty and grace.

There is a growing trend of people posting their favorite owl puns on social media and of course, I have compiled a list. So whether you’re looking for some laughs, or you want to find a new idea for your new t-shirt design or a gift for your loved ones, you’ll find it in this list.

Owl puns are a popular type of pun and I hope these will make you laugh!

Funny Owl Puns (One-Liners)

owl puns for Redbubble


A man for owl seasons.

A jack of owl trades.

Owl if you will.

After owl is said and done.

A know-it-owl.

Above owl.

Above Owl
Above Owl – Artwork by NechEmpire

Against owl odds.

Owl hands on deck.

Owl hell breaks loose.

Owl gone.

Hoo Cares

hoo cares redbubble
Hoo Cares artwork by NechEmpire on Redbubble.

Owl in owl.

It’s owl in your head.

Owl or nothing.

Owl right.

Owl rights reserved.

Take it to the nest level

The nest big thing.

Hoo is this?

Funny Owl Sayings for T-shirt Design

You’re hooting up the wrong tree! 

Like feather like son. 

The founding feathers.

Hoot have guessed?

Better luck nest time

Have you checked the feather forecast?

I’m talon you, it wasn’t me!

Owl always love you.

You are owlsome.

You are Owlsome pun
You are Owlsome – Artwork by NechEmpire

Be proud of whoooo you are.

Owl you need is love.

I really don’t give a hoot.

Knock knock. Hoo´s there?

It’s owl good.

Boo Hoo

Did you say Owl-gebra.

I’m hooting for ya!

It’s going to be a hoot

Don’t wanna be… owl by myself

Owl you doin?

Doctor Hoo.

Owl be back.

Happy owlidays

Mom, I will owl-ways love you.

Owl I do is win.

Owl I do is Win
Owl I Do is Win – Artwork by NechEmpire

Were in cahoots!

Look no feather.

Look hoo’s talking.

“Says hoo?

That’s owl for now.

Give it owl you’ve got!

Owl Quotes and Jokes Who Make You Laugh

What did the owl’s valentine card say? You’re hootiful.

What is an owl’s favorite Beatles song? “Love is Owl You Need”.

What’s an owl’s favorite frozen treat? Mice cream.

When an owl has a deep voice, what is it called? A growl.

What happens when owls get married? They walk down the owl.

What do you call an owl that wears armor? A knight owl.

What is an owl’s favorite restaurant? Hooters.

What’s an owl couple’s favourite habitat? A love nest. 

What do you call an owl that can do magic tricks? Hoodini.

Did you hear the one about the owl? It was a real hoot.

What does a well-educated owl say? Whooom.

Why did the two owls go to jail? They were in cahoots!

Why will you always find owls at Sunday mass? It is a bird of prey.

What’s a baby owl’s favourite game? Beakaboo.

Why did the owl throw a party at his house? He just didn’t want to be owl by himself.

Who’s the poor owl’s hero? Robin Hoot.

Why Should You Use Owl Puns and Sayings for Your Designs

Owl puns are a fun, lighthearted way to add humor to your designs. They are a great way to attract customers and show them that you care about their needs and wants. Plus, they’re just so darn cute!

With all this in the mind, I think, it is a great opportunity to pick up some catchy puns and create a few testing designs.

And when some of the designs with the owl puns sell, I will double down my effort.

Should You Sell Owl Puns Designs on Redbubble?

As a graphic designer, you may be wondering if you should sell your owl pun designs on Redbubble. Selling on Redbubble has many benefits, such as the ability to reach a wider audience and earn money.

There are also many pitfalls associated with selling on Redbubble, including the risk of low royalties, poor quality control, and the possibility of being banned from the platform.

However, incorporating owl puns into your art portfolio is always a great idea. Owl puns have low competition, the designs are lovely and the sayings are catchy.

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