Selling Stickers on Etsy Can Be a Lucrative Side Hustle

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Have you ever thought about opening an Etsy sticker shop?

I certainly hadn’t until recently.

To me, stickers seemed like more of a cute hobby than a viable business idea. Boy, was I wrong!

After a friend told me she replaced her full-time income selling vinyl stickers, I realized this creative side hustle could actually be quite lucrative.

Intrigued, I dug into the sticker business and was amazed by the profit potential sitting right under my nose.

Here’s the inside scoop on how regular folks like you and me can earn thousands each month simply by slapping our designs onto vinyl decals and sticker sheets. Who would have thought?

By the end of this article, you might be just as convinced as I am now that peddling stickers could pave the way to extra cash and creative fulfillment.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Waiting To Be Tapped

Let’s start with the hard numbers. The global sticker and label market is massive, valued at $14.5 billion in 2022 alone.

And it’s showing no signs of slowing down, with an annual growth rate of over 5%.

With increasing consumer demand and huge profit potential, now is the perfect time to grab a slice of the sticker pie.

Thanks to print-on-demand technology, anyone with a creative spark can open up shop on Etsy without huge startup costs.

Here’s a juicy stat for you: top Etsy sellers are earning over $1 million per year.

And that’s not all from sticker sales. But with margins as high as 500-1,000%, peddling personalized stickers alone can easily rake in five figures annually.

By tapping into this creative goldmine, you could earn a life-changing income doing something fun and fulfilling.

Not to mention joining the over 7 million entrepreneurial Etsy sellers earning an income on their own terms.

Starting Up Costs Next to Nothing

Stickers on Etsy

Here’s another reason why selling stickers makes for such an appealing side hustle…

The startup costs are peanuts, especially compared to other small business ventures.

Thanks to print-on-demand, you don’t need any special equipment beyond a laptop and printer.

And even those you probably already own.

Simply design stickers digitally or purchase ready-made artwork. Then upload files to a POD website that handles printing and shipping without you having to own a machine or buy materials.

With equipment costs eradicated through outsourcing production, overheads to launch a sticker shop are less than $100. About the cost of a nice dinner for two!

Such tiny startup expenses minimize risk, making stickers one of the easiest and most affordable products to sell online from home.

If only I had realized this goldmine existed years ago!

Unleash Your Creativity With Easy Design Tools

Just because selling stickers could make you rich doesn’t mean you need artistic chops…

Don’t let a lack of natural design talent hold you back.

While great visuals are key, you don’t have to be Picasso reincarnate to make cute and eye-catching stickers in 2024.

Amazingly clever graphic design tools now exist for amateurs and experts alike.

For example, Canva offers thousands of professionally designed sticker templates to simply customize with your own flair and fonts. Or try other intuitive tools like Stencil or Design Wizard for crafting stickers from scratch in just minutes.

No artistic degree is necessary! Between smart software and pre-made graphics galore, anyone can craft a standout collection of stickers worth selling.

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Etsy Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Stickers on Etsy

Perhaps the best part of choosing stickers for your entrepreneurial side hustle is how much Etsy simplifies the selling process.

They provide the platform, marketing, and built-in audience of over 90 million shoppers actively searching for unique items like your stickers.

You don’t have to build a website from scratch or invest in advertising. Etsy brings motivated buyers right to your online shop.

All you have to do is…

  • Set up a seller profile
  • Upload eye-catching sticker listings
  • Process orders or outsource to a print company
  • Cash out your profits!

With such a streamlined system to handle most of the business operations for you, selling stickers lets you focus on the fun creative parts while Etsy manages the rest.

Stickers Check All The Boxes For An Awesome Side Hustle

If the huge profit margins don’t have you already sold on opening an Etsy sticker shop, maybe these extra perks will:

  • Minimal startup costs ✅
  • Easy-to-use design tools ✅
  • Built-in demand and marketing ✅
  • Print-on-demand capabilities ✅
  • Unlimited creativity and self-expression ✅

With stickers ticking all the boxes as an ideal side hustle, why not tap into this addictive and wildly popular product niche?

You could earn more monthly income than you ever expected simply by following your creative passions. And without taking huge financial risks or investing a ton of time.

In a world where side hustles are becoming almost necessary to keep up financially, selling stickers online hits the sweet spot.

So rather than work a second boring job for spare cash, why not design fun stickers instead?

Now that sounds like an Etsy business I could get behind! Who’s ready to tap into billions in global sticker sales with me?

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EverBee – Similar to Alura, but with a focus on new sellers who need simple researching too. Try the free account.

Sale Samurai – Another research tool, but with one of the cheapest subscriptions on the market. See more.

Graphic Designs:

Kittl – A fantastic place with highly professional templates, that can be edited and used for print-on-demand. In my opinion, it is a go-to place for any person, who wants to make money with print-on-demand on Etsy. Try Kittl for free.

Another of my favorites is Creative Fabrica. They have millions of cheap graphics that can elevate your t-shirt design.

When I sell my designs on t-shirts or other POD products, I always vectorize them. This makes them scalable without losing the quality. For that process, I use Vectorizer which is powered by the latest AI technology.


If you are serious about selling your designs on t-shirts, mugs, and other products, you must list them on the biggest marketplaces, such as Etsy. To do so, you must connect your store with a fulfillment company, two of the best being Printful and Printify.

Disclosure: Some of the links above may contain affiliate partnerships, meaning, at no additional cost to you, NechEmpire may earn a commission if you click through to make a purchase.

Personal picutre
Miroslav NovohradskyFounder of NechEmpire

I'm Miroslav, a passionate graphic designer, Etsy seller and AI enthusiast. At NechEmpire, I'm here to share my knowledge and skills. I want to turn your design passion into a successful online business.

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