How I Made 100 New Etsy Products in Just a Few Months

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I am going to tell you how I made 100+ new products to sell on Etsy really fast.

And I mean really fast.

I did it in just a couple of months instead of taking years.

The most important thing is that having more products in your Etsy shop means more people will see and buy your stuff.

It’s that simple!

The more you have to sell, the more money you can make.

Here are the main tips I used to create so many new Etsy listings quickly:

  • I looked at my best-selling products to see what was popular
  • I reused templates to make similar new products fast
  • Instead of adding 1 new product per day, I added 10 at a time
  • I hired someone to help make new listings for me

I’ll explain each of those tips in more detail now.

Tip 1: Look At Your Best Sellers

The first thing I did was look closely at my current bestselling Etsy products. I made a list of the items that got the most sales and views from customers.

Then I tried to figure out what made those products so popular and successful.

What was special about them that customers loved?

The colors? The design? The description?

Once I knew the winning factors, I made more new products in a very similar style and theme.

It’s much easier than trying to constantly create brand new ideas from scratch every time.

But this tip only works if your current best-selling listings are already really good. They need to have:

  • Great photos that show the product clearly
  • A title and description that explains the product well
  • The right keyword tags so people can find the listing

If your current listings aren’t optimized like that yet, you need to fix them first.

Otherwise, the sales data won’t be accurate.

Once you have listings that are properly optimized, then you can trust the data on what’s popular. Make your new products similar to your best sellers.

Tip 2: Use Templates

My next big time-saving tip is to use templates when making new Etsy listings.

Don’t create each listing from nothing – that takes forever!

For example, if you make t-shirts or mugs, don’t redesign the product photos and descriptions for every single new item. That’s way too much work.

Instead, create templates that you can reuse over and over, and just swap out small details like the text, colors, or graphics.

I have templates for:

  • My listing photos that I can quickly edit
  • The basic description that explains my product
  • The listing titles I use
  • Other pieces of the listing like pricing, variations, etc.

Using templates saves me so much time compared to starting from a blank slate for each new listing.

Tip 3: Add 10 Listings At Once

This is my biggest and most important piece of advice: Don’t just add one new Etsy listing per day. That is way too slow!

When I was trying to rapidly grow my inventory, I would create 10 completely new listings at the same time. I’d have 10 browser tabs open and work on all of them together:

  • Creating mockup photos for all 10
  • Writing all the descriptions
  • Setting prices and variations
  • Picking tags
  • Everything!

Then once I had those 10 listings finished, I would publish them all at once or within the same day.

Going slowly by adding just one new item per day means it takes forever to get useful customer feedback and data on what’s working.

But when you add 10 new things at once, you can very quickly see which new products have the potential to be popular and which were a flop that no one wants.

That customer insight is incredibly valuable. It allows you to know exactly what types of new listings you should make next since you can see what people are buying.

Tip 4: Hire Help

If you have some money available, my final tip is to hire a virtual assistant or VA to help you create new Etsy listings faster.

A VA is someone you pay who works for you remotely from their own home computer. Their job is to do tasks you give them to help your business.

For making Etsy listings, a VA can save you huge amounts of time and help you work faster! Here’s what I did:

First, I learned the entire process for creating really great, optimized Etsy listings myself. I figured out all the steps like how to take good photos, write clear descriptions, pick good tags, and so on.

Then I made some videos showing each of those steps slowly and clearly.

Next, I hired a VA online and shared my video instructions with them. I had them start pumping out new Etsy listings following my process while I watched over their work at first.

While the VA worked on creating all those new listings, I could focus on other parts of my business like marketing, accounting, ordering supplies, etc.

Having an extra set of hands create listings for me allowed me to add new products to my shop at a much faster speed than I ever could on my own.

So those are my top tips for how I was able to create 100 new Etsy listings in just a couple of months instead of taking years:

  1. Look at your best sellers and make new similar products
  2. Use templates to save time
  3. Add 10+ new listings at once, not just one per day
  4. Hire a virtual assistant to help create listings

It does take some upfront work to optimize your current listings, create templates, make tutorial videos, and find a good VA to hire.

But once you have those foundations in place, you can truly start pumping out new products and listings at a lightning-fast speed.

More listings mean more potential sales. More sales means more money!

I hope these tips can help you add a ton of new inventory to your Etsy shop super quickly as well.

Just imagine how much extra money you could make with 100 new products for sale!

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Personal picutre
Miroslav NovohradskyFounder of NechEmpire

I'm Miroslav, a passionate graphic designer, Etsy seller and AI enthusiast. At NechEmpire, I'm here to share my knowledge and skills. I want to turn your design passion into a successful online business.

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