Colors That Sell: Picking the Perfect Palette for Your Designs

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Did you know that choosing the right colors can make or break your design sales?

It’s true! The colors you pick are super important if you want people to buy your stuff.

In this article, I’ll talk about why colors matter so much and how to choose the best ones. I’ll even share some tricks that top designers use to pick winning colors.

So, it is time to learn how to make your designs pop with the perfect palette!

Why Colors Are a Big Deal

Colors are more than just pretty to look at.

They can make people feel things and even get them to buy stuff! Here’s why colors are so important when you’re selling designs:

Colors Make People Feel Things

Different colors can make people feel different ways. For example:

  • Red can make people feel excited or urgent
  • Green can make people think of nature and feeling calm
  • Blue can make people feel like they can trust something

When you pick colors that match the feeling you want your design to give, it helps people connect with it more.

Colors Attract the Right Customers

Some colors are more popular with certain groups of people. For instance, lots of women like purple, green, and pink. If you know who you want to buy your design, you can choose colors they’ll like.

Colors Show What Your Brand Is About

The colors you use a lot can become part of your brand. Think about how you always know a Coca-Cola ad because of the red and white. Using the same colors over and over helps people remember your designs.

Colors Can Make People Want to Buy

Believe it or not, colors can actually make people more likely to buy something! Up to 90% of quick decisions about products are based just on color. So picking the right colors can really help you sell more.

The Copycat Color Trick

Now, here’s a cool trick that lots of successful designers use. It’s called the copycat color trick, and it’s super easy!

Here’s how it works:

  • Look at designs that are selling really well in your type of design
  • Notice what colors they use the most
  • Use those same colors in your own designs

It’s not cheating, I promise! Colors aren’t protected by copyright, so it’s totally okay to use them. Plus, if those colors are already selling well, it means people like them. So why not use what works?

Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Find top-selling designs in your niche (like Valentine’s Day cards or Halloween shirts)
  2. Look closely at the main colors they use
  3. Write down or save those colors
  4. Use them in your own designs

It’s like getting a cheat sheet from the best designers out there!

Popular Colors for Different Designs

Let’s look at some examples of popular colors for different types of designs:

Valentine’s Day:

  • Bright red (of course!)
  • Dark pink
  • Light baby pink

These three colors together scream “Valentine’s Day!” and can help your designs sell better.

100 Days of School:

  • Rainbow colors are super popular here
  • Use lots of bright, fun colors together

Black History Month:

There are two main color schemes that work well:

  • Green, yellow, and red (these connect to the Juneteenth holiday)
  • Browns, tans, and off-white shades

Mardi Gras:

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Yellow

These three are the classic Mardi Gras colors. You could add some bright pink or blue too if you want to get extra festive!

St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Kelly green (a rich, deep green)
  • Mint green (a pale, light green)
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Remember, you don’t have to use all these colors. Just pick a few that look good together!

How to Get the Exact Right Shades

Okay, so now you know what colors to use. But how do you get those exact shades? Here’s a simple trick:

  1. Find a top-selling design you like
  2. Open it in a design program like Photoshop or Canva
  3. Use the color picker tool to click on the colors you want
  4. The program will give you the exact color code (usually called a “hex code”)
  5. Save that code so you can use the exact same color in your designs

It’s that easy! Now you have the exact colors that are already selling well.

Why This Color Trick Works So Well

Using this copycat color trick is smart for a few reasons:

  • It saves you time. Instead of guessing what colors might work, you’re using colors that already do work.
  • It helps you stay on trend. Popular colors can change over time, but this trick helps you stay up-to-date.
  • It gives you confidence. When you use colors that are already selling well, you can feel more sure about your designs.
  • It teaches you about color. As you look at more successful designs, you’ll start to notice patterns and learn what colors work well together.

Tips for Using Colors in Your Designs

Now that you know how to find great colors, here are some tips for using them:

  • Don’t use too many colors. Usually, 3-5 main colors are enough for a design.
  • Make sure your colors look good together. If you’re not sure, stick to the colors you see used together in top-selling designs.
  • Consider using a color wheel. This can help you find colors that naturally go well together.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. While copying successful colors is a great start, you can always try your own combinations too!

Making Your Designs Stand Out

While using popular colors is a great trick, you also want your designs to be unique. Here are some ways to stand out:

  • Add your own twist. Maybe use a popular color combo but add one unexpected color.
  • Play with shades. Try using lighter or darker versions of popular colors.
  • Use color in interesting ways. Maybe make the background an unusual color, or use color to highlight certain parts of your design.
  • Combine styles. Mix hand-drawn elements with bold color blocks, or try mixing patterns with solid colors.

And don’t forget, the goal is to use colors that sell well, but still make designs that are uniquely yours!

Choosing the right colors for your designs doesn’t have to be hard. By looking at what’s already selling well and using those colors in your own work, you can boost your chances of success.

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Personal picutre
Miroslav NovohradskyFounder of NechEmpire

I'm Miroslav, a passionate graphic designer, Etsy seller and AI enthusiast. At NechEmpire, I'm here to share my knowledge and skills. I want to turn your design passion into a successful online business.

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